A Grouped Input Buffered ATM switch for the HOL Blocking

KIPS Transactions on Computer and Communication Systems, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 485-492, Aug. 2003
10.3745/KIPSTC.2003.10.4.485,   PDF Download:


This paper presents a new modified input buffered switch, which called a grouped input buffered (GIB) switch, to eliminate the influence of HOL blocking when using multiple input buffers in ATM switches. The GIB switch consists of grouped sub switches per a network stage. The switch gives extra paths and buffered switching elements between groups for transferring the blocked cells. As the result, the proposed model can reduce the effect by the HOL blocking and thereafter it enhances the performance of the switch. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme has good performance in comparison with previous works by using the parameters such as throughput, cell loss, delay and system power.

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K. C. Heon and S. Y. Ig, "A Grouped Input Buffered ATM switch for the HOL Blocking," KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 485-492, 2003. DOI: 10.3745/KIPSTC.2003.10.4.485.

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Kim Chung Heon and Son Yu Ig. 2003. A Grouped Input Buffered ATM switch for the HOL Blocking. KIPS Journal C (2001 ~ 2012) , 10, 4, (2003), 485-492. DOI: 10.3745/KIPSTC.2003.10.4.485.