Performance and Scalability of OpenMP Programs on Chip-MultiThreading Server

KIPS Transactions on Computer and Communication Systems, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 137-146, Apr. 2006
10.3745/KIPSTA.2006.13.2.137,   PDF Download:


Shared Memory Multiprocessor (SMP) systems adopting Chip-level MultiThreading (CMT) technology are becoming mainstream servers in commercial applications and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications as well. OpenMP has become the standard paradigm to parallelize applications for SMP mostly because of its ease of use. As the demand for more computing power in HPC applications is growing rapidly, obtaining high performance and scalability for these applications parallelized using OpenMP API’s will become more important. In this paper, we study the performance and scalability of HPC applications parallelized using OpenMP, SPEC OMPL (standard OpenMP benchmark suite), on the Sun Fire E25K server which adopts CMT technology. We also study the effect of CMT on SPEC OMPL.

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M. H. Lee and Y. K. Kim, "Performance and Scalability of OpenMP Programs on Chip-MultiThreading Server," KIPS Journal A (2001 ~ 2012) , vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 137-146, 2006. DOI: 10.3745/KIPSTA.2006.13.2.137.

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Myung Ho Lee and Yong Kyu Kim. 2006. Performance and Scalability of OpenMP Programs on Chip-MultiThreading Server. KIPS Journal A (2001 ~ 2012) , 13, 2, (2006), 137-146. DOI: 10.3745/KIPSTA.2006.13.2.137.