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    Implementation of IEEE 1588v2 PTP for Time Synchronization Verification of Ethernet Network
    Sang Jin Kim , Kwang Man Ko The KIPS Transactions:PartA, Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 181-186, Aug. 2012

    An Efficient and Fair Substream Allocation Method for a Distributed Video Streaming System using Multiple Substreams
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    A Handover Mechanism Between Local Mobility Anchors in Proxy Mobile IPv6-based Vehicular Communication Networks
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    Layered Video Quality Incentive Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming
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    Efficient Transmission Structure and Key Management Mechanism Using Key Provisioning on Medical Sensor Networks
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    A Development of Unicode-based Multi-Lingual Namecard Recognizer
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    Clustered Tributaries-Deltas Architecture for Energy Efficient and Secure Wireless Sensor Network
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    A Framework for an Advanced Learning Mechanism in Context-aware Systems using Improved Back-Propagation Algorithm
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    E-mail Sending-Server Authorization Method using a Distance Estimation Algorithm between IP Addresses for Filtering Spam
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    An Implementation of the Game Mechanics Simulator
    Hee Dong Chang The KIPS Transactions:PartB , Vol. 12, No. 5, pp. 595-606, Oct. 2005